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Joy. Pride. Success. These are the emotions that make your customers fiercely loyal. To win markets over, we elicit customer aspirations and design engines of growth built to encourage, celebrate and reward progress toward their ambitions.

claire alexander

“The thing that I got most excited about was seeing all of the opportunities to make our app a lot better.”

Claire Alexander —GM at Capterra

how we do it

Researching Growth Triggers
The foundation of a good digital strategy is measured not only by what motivates an audience to think in a particular way, but what triggers them to take action.

Nurturing Emotions That Drive Growth
Humans have evolved to seek rewards that make us feel smart, accepted, attractive, important, and included. Realizing more of these rewards for each customer goes beyond usability and UX design. Our unique mix of content strategy, marketing and design helps your customers gain and celebrate the rewards your company offers.

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hiten shah

“Knurture's process comes with a lot of expertise... It’s a lot faster, more efficient, and it also has a higher likelihood of hitting the mark when we actually release it to customers.”

Hiten Shah —Founder of KISSmetrics and CrazyEgg
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When to hire us

Your company is one-of-a-kind, but it’s likely the challenges you’re facing are not. Here are five of the most common challenges facing our own customers when they first reach out to us —

  • "We need to fix our customer experience."
  • "We need to clarify and articulate complex ideas."
  • “We need help making sense of feedback.”
  • “We need to impress our customers so they stay.”
  • “We need our internal team to learn new skills.”
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