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Some say we grow breakthroughs. In reality, we help companies imagine and test their future. To do this, we run UX Research to find the overlap between your vision and a truly sticky product experience.


Why should people care?
We get fresh proof that shows what the humans react to.

Why Now?

What motivates action?
We explore new ways to drive more usage and activity.


What makes them stick?
We find retention patterns that keep your customers motivated, happy & engaged.

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Trusted by over 260 leading software teams. They keep coming back because we’re nice people, affordable, and deliver massive ROI.

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Meet the two people behind Knurture. Due to the results we achieve, you may be surprised to learn that we're not a massive agency! We get better results at a fraction of the cost of hiring anyone else. And, one of us likes pizza more than the other. Can you guess which one? We can't wait to help you build a base of fiercely loyal customers. Talk soon.

*We are two experts who work alongside internal teams like the ones below! Imagine what we could accomplish together.

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new online course

To make our Product-Led Growth Framework a shiny rocket anyone can ride, we miniaturized our old book into bite-sized, interactive lessons + activities you can add to your Google Calendar for 7 minutes a day. Yee haw! Side benefit — Miniaturization is fun!


Simplifying the entire app. HelloBar challenged us to add new features while simplifying their product.

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  • Simplified Onboarding
  • Simplified Navigation
  • Simplified Product Interface
  • Designed For Engagement
  • Product Strategy

Add a new feature — check. Simplify the experience — check. Showcase the value of using HelloBar — check. Through an iterative design and customer research process, we were able to streamline new and old functionality into a simple, easy-to-use experience that showed off why customers should use HelloBar to improve their marketing campaigns.

New Features. New Look.

Simplified Experience.

We tested onboarding, an email builder and more.


Making the design sell itself. Adbeat needed their product and online experiences to drive conversions and sales.

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  • Conversion Optimization
  • Upgrade & Retention Flows
  • Product UI/UX Design
  • Designed to Showcase Value
  • Freemium Product Strategy

Who wouldn't want to get more customers and sales? We increased free trial sign-ups by designing a gated version of the premium product and a conversion focused marketing site. Then, we optimized the upgrade from free to paid flow to optimize sales & MRR.

New Free Product. New Brand. New Upgrade Flows. More Engagement.

Did we say more signups? Jumpstarting Adbeat’s growth took more than great visuals.

Quick Sprout

Triggering customer action.Neil Patel & Hiten Shah needed to know what would make their users take action.

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  • Engagement Research
  • Crafting Actionable Triggers
  • Copywriting & Optimization
  • Product Strategy

Neil & Hiten reached out to our team with a challenge — create a tool that helps Quick Sprout's readers grow their website traffic. We conducted over 120 customer research sessions to develop a product strategy.

Which alerts trigger the desired customer behavior?

In a world full of notifications, how do you get customers to engage with your product? We studied over 120 Quick Sprout customers to understand which alerts inspired them to take action. Our research findings established the direction for a bold product strategy that has been able to cut through the noise — helping Quick Sprout to thrive.

(Above) How to craft an engagement loop that continuously fuels customer success.

How To Make Engagement Loops Work

Establishing a Sense of Urgency & Excitement 
Look at your phone. We're willing to bet you have dozens of notifications. Which ones do you act on? Which ones do you ignore? Now imagine that someone could get into your head to understand your needs, wants, and desires. This kind of deep research into customer needs and motivations is necessary to craft effective triggers.

Making It Easy for Customers to Succeed
Isn't it frustrating when you know exactly what you want to do, but the software you're using slows you down? Understanding your customers' goals allows you to remove friction from their path. Instead of having your software get in the way, we focus on ways it can help customers succeed faster.

Clarifying & Showcasing Value
Value is what separates your product from the noise. It's the only thing standing between your customers and churn. No, value is not your latest, coolest feature. It's reinforcement of the reason they bought your product in the first place. Clear explanation of value correlates with higher rates of retention.

Motivating Follow Up Actions
Send an alert your customers can't ignore. Creating notifications based on your customers' underlying motivations increases the likelihood that your customers will take the desired action.


Finding Product-Market Fit. Uptick wanted to know if their product vision would appeal to their target audience.

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  • Brand & Identity Design
  • Product Strategy
  • Product UI/UX Design
  • Market Research
  • Crafted Notifications to Drive In-App Activity

We crafted a lifelike prototype and tested it with potential customers. One month later, we delivered an MVP design that had been validated by real customers.

Rapid Prototyping & MVP Validation

How do you know if your idea has product-market fit? Through our rapid prototyping process, we focused Uptick's MVP on features that drove customer adoption and engagement.

(Above) A lifelike prototype of a portion of Uptick's MVP experience.

Less than one month later...

We delivered an MVP design that was validated by potential customers. Every element of the visual design (including the logo) was designed from scratch and prototyped by our team.